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Wishlist Cost

Azul (75)
Laranja (75)
Roxo (75)
Vermelho (75)
Auditiva (250)
Synaesthesia (250)
Andes (250)Winter Wonderland
Bitrate (250)Anniversary
Shock Away (--)Overwatch League
Breakaway (1000)
Capoeira (1000)
Hippityhop (1000)
Ribbit (1000)
Slapshot (1000)
Seleção (1000)Summer Games
Striker (1000)Summer Games
Snow Fox (3000)Winter Wonderland
Equalizer (1000)Overwatch Archives
Jazzy (1000)Anniversary
2019 Pacific All-Stars (--)Overwatch League
Capoeira (250)
Chilling (250)
In The Groove (250)
Knee Slapper (250)
Nah! (250)
Juggle (250)Summer Games
Smooth (250)Anniversary
Dance Party (--)Overwatch League
Confident (75)
Grooving (75)
Ready For Action (75)
Medal (225)Summer Games
Pumpkin Control (75)Halloween Terror
R.I.P. (75)Halloween Terror
Drumming (225)Lunar New Year
Handstand (75)Overwatch Archives
Can't Stop, Won't Stop (25)
Check This Out (25)
Hit Me! (25)
I Could Do This All Day (25)
I'm On Top Of The World (25)
Jackpot! (25)
Not Hearing That Noise (25)
Oh, Yeah! (25)
Tinnitus (25)
To the Rhythm
Why Are You So Angry? (25)
You Gotta Believe! (25)
Be Champions (25)Summer Games
Come On, Ref! (75)Summer Games
Suboptimal (25)Summer Games
Killed It! (25)Halloween Terror
So Good It's Scary (25)Halloween Terror
Trick or Treat (75)Halloween Terror
Climbing the Charts! (25)Winter Wonderland
Happy Holidays! (25)Winter Wonderland
I Make This Look Good... (25)Lunar New Year
Just How I Like It (25)Lunar New Year
Boop (25)Overwatch Archives
Learn to Take it Easy (25)Overwatch Archives
Turn it Up in my Headphones (25)Overwatch Archives
Can You Hear Me Now? (25)Anniversary
Everyone Gets Their +1 (25)Anniversary
Have Some Lúcio-Oh's! (25)Anniversary
Drop The Beat (250)
Freestyle (250)
In The Groove (250)
Bicycle Kick (250)Summer Games
Drumming (750)Lunar New Year
Golden (--)

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