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Wishlist Cost

Ciel (75)
Nuit (75)
Rose (75)
Vert (75)
Patina (250)
Winter (250)
Tricolore (250)Summer Games
Spider (750)Halloween Terror
Electric (750)Anniversary
Mayhem Away (--)Overwatch League
Overwatch League Gray (--)Overwatch League
Comtesse (1000)
Huntress (1000)
Nova (1000)
Odette (1000)
Odile (1000)
Noire (--)Origins Edition/Preorder
Côte d'Azur (1000)Summer Games
Biathlon (3000)Winter Wonderland
Black Lily (1000)Lunar New Year
Talon (1000)Overwatch Archives
Kerrigan (--)Starcraft 20th Anniversary
At Rest (250)
Curtain Call (250)
Delighted (250)
Shot Dead (250)
Widow's Kiss (250)
Ballet (250)Anniversary
Activating Visor (75)
Gaze (75)
Over The Shoulder (75)
Medal (75)Summer Games
R.I.P. (75)Halloween Terror
Toast (75)Winter Wonderland
Fans (75)Lunar New Year
Surveillance (225)Overwatch Archives
A Single Death
Encore? (25)
Let Them Eat Cake (25)
Look For The Woman (25)
Magnifique (25)
One Shot, One Kill (25)
Ouh Là Là (25)
Rude (25)
Step Into My Parlor... (25)
That's How It Is (25)
To Life, To Death (25)
What's An Aimbot? (25)
A Perfect 10 (25)Summer Games
I Don't Miss (25)Summer Games
Morning Spider... (25)Halloween Terror
The Party Is Over (25)Halloween Terror
Exquisite (25)Winter Wonderland
Happy Holidays (75)Winter Wonderland
Merry Christmas (25)Winter Wonderland
Barking Up the Wrong Tree (25)Lunar New Year
You Have My Attention (25)Lunar New Year
Always the Hunters (25)Overwatch Archives
The Performance Begins (25)Overwatch Archives
Your Emotions (25)Overwatch Archives
Lucky and Good (75)Anniversary
Sorry (25)Anniversary
The Pleasure is Mine (25)Anniversary
What a Bore (25)Anniversary
Hanging Around (250)
I See You (250)
Swinging Into Action (250)
Under The Mistletoe (250)Winter Wonderland
Golden (--)

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